DAF R&M Contracts

DAF R&M Contracts

More than just repair and maintenance

Tailor made repair and maintenance solutions. In the haulage business, everything is geared to maximise productivity and minimise costs: the highest possible profit per tonne/kilometre. DAF MultiSupport offers you a tailor made repair and maintenance solution that prevents unpleasant surprises, controls your monthly costs, and provides total peace of mind.

DAF R&M Contracts

Through DAF R&M Contracts, we can tailor your back-up package to the specific needs of your business 
so that you can choose precisely the level you require.

Maximise Earnings

An agreed price per month for the repair and maintenance needs of your truck, so you know in advance what your operating costs will be and can plan and control accordingly. In the longer term, DAF R&M Contracts deliver the best value-for-money back-up on the market.

Enhance resale values

DAF R&M Contracts assure the highest level of service for your vehicle. This will not only deliver better standards of reliability and durability but will also be reflected in an enhanced resale value.

Optimise vehicle performance

Our network of fully trained technicians are familiar with every aspect of your truck and only high quality DAF Genuine Parts are used. Your vehicle will be kept in optimum condition, reducing the risk of breakdown and the costly effect of a delay.

Custom Management Solutions

We can offer a range of management services for your fleet - including provision of centralised billing for non-contract damage or repairs and ‘link and chase’ compliance management to ensure maintenance schedules are adhered to.

Maximise Uptime

Taking into account scheduled RSA safety and maintenance inspections, your vehicle application and truck configuration, we will create an optimised maintenance schedule that best suits your vehicle and operation. In case of a breakdown or any other unexpected situation, you can trust DAF ITS to get you moving again.




Dealer Locations


Million daily kilometers

Flexible packages at a fixed price

With the DAF R&M Contract packages and the organization behind it, 
we offer a comprehensive range of standard and optional servicing.


Connected Services

DAF R&M Uptime Plus combines optimum vehicle performance with the most comprehensive breakdown service delivered by DAF International Truck Service.

  • Maximise uptime through Live Fleet Monitoring
  • Improve efficiency through exception reporting
  • Access real-time information about vehicle condition
  • Align your operations with your R&M contract
Connected Services

The opinion of DAF R&M Contracts customers

Csaba Toth

Csaba Toth

Transportation Director of TransSped Kft

Trans-Sped likes a fixed monthly rate, that covers everything.

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Hans Ludwig

Hans Ludwig

Ludweg Speditions-und Handelsgesellschaft mbH

Ludwig Speditions keep all 53 vehicles available at all times.

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Willem van Sambeek

Willem van Sambeek

Managing Director of PACCAR Leasing GmbH

PACCAR Leasing - "Our customers always get a modern, regularly serviced rental vehicle with the lowest possible amount of downtime."

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Benefits of DAF R&M Contracts at a glance

  • Complete financial control
  • Worry-free ownership
  • Save time, effort and money
  • Maximum vehicle uptime and optimal vehicle performance
  • Highly trained DAF technicians in every dealership provide expert advice, service and support
  • Peace of mind enables you to focus on your core business
  • Your vehicle always in top condition
  • Increased residual value


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