DAF pre-empts lengthy lead times with Tip, Skip, Grab and Hook trucks

30-10-2015, DAF Trucks UK

Following a forecast of lengthening delivery lead times made by DAF Trucks’ Managing Director, Ray Ashworth, at Tip-Ex earlier this year, DAF Trucks has announced it is to make available a limited supply of ‘in demand’ bodied vehicles for immediate delivery. Under its ‘Tip, Skip & Grab’ programme, DAF Trucks customers primarily in the construction and utilities sectors will be able to choose from a range of trucks including eight-wheel tippers, tipper-grabs, skip-loaders and hook loaders.

“The construction and waste industries are buoyant at present although we’re seeing long lead times at body-builders for associated models,” said Ray Ashworth, “Therefore, we’re looking to provide a speedy turn around for customers that need trucks quickly.”

He went on, “Thanks to high demand for trucks across Europe, DAF Trucks has already increased production to ensure that chassis lead times remain reasonable. We have the chassis,” he said, “but it’s getting them bodied and delivered in an acceptable time that may become an issue.”

Consequently,” he continued, “and with the help of our industry-leading body-builder partners, we can sensibly make available a small stock of bodied, ready-for-the road trucks to help customers with their short-term availability requirements.

“Of course, customers will continue to prefer to spec their vehicles from the ground up, but, equally, we understand that immediate availability might be required where contracts suddenly crop-up or where a specific tipper, skip-loader or grab is needed to fill a gap in existing work. Our Tip, Skip & Grab programme will ease the pressure.”

Ashworth touched upon these points at Harrogate’s Tip-Ex show in May and is keen now to reassure DAF Trucks’ customers, and the wider operating community, that DAF Trucks at least will be geared-up to meet any ‘spike’ in demand.

“Supplying trucks through our nationwide dealer network in a timely manner is fundamental to maintaining our market-leading status,” added Ashworth. “To help operators meet their customers’ demands, we’re simply planning ahead.” he said.

Through DAF Trucks’ ‘Tip, Skip & Grab’ programme, a DAF dealer could potentially have a bodied vehicle on the road within days, subject to finance, rental arrangements or any local specification amendments.

Ashworth concluded, “This is a pre-emptive measure and nothing more. A little foresight on the part of chassis manufacturers and bodybuilders,” he said, “helps operators cater for the inevitable short term needs of a buoyant construction industry.”

DAF Distributors Ireland Ltd