“It’s just got to be DAF” – Kevin Parker Horseboxes delivers 300th DAF

01-04-2015, DAF Trucks UK

  • 100% DAF for last nine years – 300+ DAF horseboxes completed

  • Preston horsebox specialist insists on DAF rigid chassis

  • Ex-Leyland Truck employees recruited for proven skill-set

  • LF chassis provides ‘textbook’ platform for bodybuilders

Bespoke horsebox manufacturer, Kevin Parker Horseboxes, has delivered its 300thDAF horsebox, a 12-tonne Euro-6 LF 210 FA with Helios bodywork, to horse owner, Bill Christie in Ayrshire.

The milestone, which is reached following Kevin Parker’s insistence that ‘it’s just got to be DAF’ at 7.5 and 12 tonnes, comes after a 20 year history with DAF, building originally on DAF 45 Series chassis. The Preston-based company adopted its single-manufacturer policy following the launch of DAF’s LF chassis in 2001.

Bill Christie’s new DAF LF horsebox, features Kevin Parker’s ‘Helios’ bodywork, and was also the first Euro-6 LF 12-tonner to leave the production line.

“The DAF chassis is simply the best on the market,” said Kevin Parker, “we started building on DAF used chassis over 20 years ago and with the introduction of the DAF LF range we moved to 100% DAF. Despite the fact we’re acquiring more and more new LFs today, the two-year-old used DAF LFs are as good as new.

“We set extremely high quality standards in our workshop,” he said, “Our customers demand nothing less than a flawless finish. That’s why we insist on DAF. The build quality is very high and provides us with the textbook platform on which to create our bespoke horseboxes. It’s so easy to build on the LF - it’s just got to be DAF. And our customers agree,” he added, “for more and more end-users, DAF has become the badge-of-choice on the front of their horseboxes.”

A view echoed by horse-owner Bill Christie in Ayrshire, “My daughter, Jeni, and I absolutely love our new DAF,” he said, “it’s like driving a 28ft. long car. It’s a joy to get behind the wheel. And it looks as good as it drives; Kevin’s done a superb job with the bodywork – inside and out. With four horses on board,” he said, “the 12-tonner offers the ideal combination of payload potential and manoeuvrability.”

Christie’s DAF 12-tonner is stationed at Ingliston Country Club just outside Glasgow. With four horses and 120-litres of water on board, the LF Helios is returning a very respectable 18mpg.

He added, “The automated gearbox is simply fantastic, and down-shifting is so smooth. Coupled with the rear air suspension, the ride is flat and jolt-free. Our horses arrive relaxed and unruffled, and, believe me, that’s a big bonus.”

Kevin Parker Horseboxes employs highly-skilled fitters and technicians, many of whom boast DAF production-line experience at the Leyland Trucks manufacturing plant in Leyland. “Best quality manufacture demands best quality people,” said Kevin “The ex-DAF boys are highly skilled and know their way round the DAF product better than anyone.”

The company is enjoying a sustained period of growth, and has recently invested in a new workshop and state-of-the-art spray facility at its Claughton-on-Brock premises.


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