DAF CF Silent / Feldbinder Command Steer combination for Abbey Logistics

27-05-2015, DAF Trucks UK

Tank-Ex sees the show debut and the industry-first introduction of Abbey Logistics’ new concept in urban deliveries – the DAF CF Silent and electronically-controlled Feldbinder‘Command Steer’ trailer combination.

Bulk liquids, powders and packed palletised goods specialist, Abbey Logistics, has taken delivery of the UK’s first DAF CF Silent featuring ‘Silent Mode’ running. Operating on the company’s British Salt contract out of Middlewich, the urban tractor and Feldbinder ‘Command Steer’ tanker combination also offers a high degree of manoeuvrability and has just entered service performing early morning and evening deliveries to a large number of high-profile hospitals, restaurants and hotels in the Capital.

The UK-first CF 44 FT Silent is joined by seven Euro-6 DAF XF 440 FTP tractor units, also for Abbey’s TATA-owned British Salt operation – all acquired on Hire Purchase packages through PACCAR Financial. The Bootle, Liverpool-based company’s other recent DAF deliveries include 12 XF 460 FTPs, two CF 440 FTPs and five XF 460 FTGs, altogether representing an investment in DAF product totalling £2.5 million.

The most recent deliveries, including the CF Silent, come after a rigorous tender process against three other truck producers, focusing on fuel, maintenance and driver acceptance. “DAF won on every count,” said Abbey’s Managing Director, Steve Granite, “over six months, DAF delivered the most convincing, cost effective whole-life package.”

DAF’s Silent Mode is available on CF and XF models powered by the Euro-6 PACCAR MX-11 engine. The system is engaged by the driver by simple activation of a dash-mounted ‘Silent’ button. Beneath the cab, engine software alters performance characteristics to reduce noise levels to less than 72 dB(A).

Abbey selects DAF CF 6x2 for fleet work

Focused on pursuing its self-imposed and stringent environmental policy, twice MT Awards Haulier-of-the-Year winner, Abbey Logistics, worked closely with DAF to not only bring the CF Silent to British roads, but also to provide an exacting and lightweight 6x2 tractor unit specification for its tanker work.

“We worked hand-in-hand with DAF to bring the CF Silent to the UK, and so soon after its European launch late last year,” said Granite.

With regards to Abbey Logistics’ existing fleet tractor specification, and following its acquisition of Seafield Logistics, Abbey realised it needed to maximise payload potential on the new contract.

“Working with DAF again,” added Granite, “we moved to an FTP chassis with mid-lift axle specification plus a CF sleeper cab – together resulting in an 800kg weight saving. Tanker specialist, Feldbinder, also built a new tanker / trailer to maximise bulk fill. Together, we have built a truck and trailer combination which precisely meets its operational requirement, maximise productivity and, ultimately, reduces Abbey’s impact on the environment.”

“I like the way DAF works with us,” he said, “and I like the people, especially the team at North West trucks. When we provide them a challenge, and we often do, DAF always rises to meet the demand.

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