7th January 2020 | DAF UK

New: Remote Tacho Download for DAF Connect

Remote Tacho Download for DAF Connect

DAF Trucks introduces Remote Tacho Download for automatic and real time reading, storage and analysis of driver cards and tachographs.

DAF Trucks is introducing a new function for its DAF Connect fleet management platform: Remote Tacho Download, allowing transport operators to read, store and analyse driver cards and tachographs online and in real time. Remote Tacho Download helps operators to maintain an accurate tacho administration system and to save time.

Remote Tacho Download is added as an app to the DAF Connect dashboard, the online fleet management platform that monitors the performance of vehicles, fleets and drivers in real time. The new application offers quick and comprehensive access to the full range of tacho information available from connected vehicles and their drivers. Driving times and rest periods are shown in real time.

DAF’s Remote Tacho Download offers three solutions in one: a tool for downloading, storage and analysis. DAF Connect Manager Marketing, Jorg Wijnands: “Maintaining an accurate record of driver cards and the tachograph’s memory is very labour intensive and prone to error,” he says, “You can end up paying thousands of euros for each instance of inaccurate bookkeeping.”

DAF Connect’s new Remote Tacho Download function ensures automated reading and storage of tacho information that is fully compliant with all legal requirements. Wijnands adds, “The transport operator can also monitor its trucks and drivers constantly to ensure that they are complying with driving and rest period guidelines and to intervene where necessary. This offers a greater sense of security in terms of road safety and the risk of fines.”