DG McArdle take delivery of 5 top of the range NGD XG's

DG McArdle take delivery of 5 top of the range NGD XG's

25th September 2023 | DAF Distributors Ireland Ltd
DG Mc Ardle take delivery of 5 top of the range NGD XG's

DG McArdle have just taken delivery of 5 high spec New Generation DAF XG 480 fully equipped tractor units.

DG McArdle International Limited is a specialist provider of Transport & Logistics services throughout Ireland, the UK & Europe. Founded in 1993, the family-owned business specialises in secure transport, pharmaceuticals & life sciences, temperature-controlled goods, ADR shipments, general groupage, containerisation & warehousing services.

The high-spec vehicles include:

•             NGD XG aerodynamic cab

•             Cab air suspension

•             Twin air horns

•             Translucent external sun visor

•             Front spring suspension

•             LED daytime running lights

•             NGD LED integrated bumper-mounted fog lights

•             Roof sky lighting

•             Extended catwalk

•             Rotating luxury super air suspended driver seat

•             Foldable cinema passenger seat

•             NGD LED sky lights

•             Full hexagon upgraded interior

•             NGD DAF media pack

•             NGD LED headlights and night sensors

•             NGD efficiency plus pack

•             Refrigerator

•             Windscreen solar foil

•             DAF corner view safety system

•             Comfort mattress sleeping compartments

•             Touch screen infotainment system with drivers’ tablet

•             Sound system with subwoofer

•             NGD multifunction soft grip steering wheel

•             LED interior lighting upgraded

•             Spring brake cylinders on front axle

•             Side skirts

•             Wireless charger

•             Fixed fifth wheel

•             Urge to move manoeuvring mode

•             Eco fuel performance

•             NGD integrated cooling system software for maximum fuel efficiency

•             Adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning, advanced emergency braking system, reverse warning

•             MX-13 litre engine 480 HP

•             12 speed Traxon automated gearbox

•             Electric glass roof skylight

•             Anderson connection

•             Rear axle differential lock

•             Alcoa DuraBrite alloy wheels

•             Super single tire on front axle

•             Predictive cruise control

•             Tire pressure monitoring

•             DAF comfort bed

•             1185 litre fuel capacity

•             Rear LED spot lamp fitted to rear of cab

•             Driver and passenger door window deflectors

•             Extended catwalk

•             DAF microwave

•             Full DAF three-year factory warranty


Additional work includes:

•             Additional accessories, DAF TRP Stores

•             Paintwork and livery supplied by Coyle Complete, Emyvale


Thank you to David Mc Ardle and John Quinn and happy trucking!

DG Mc Ardle take delivery of 5 top of the range NGD XG's