16th December 2019 | DAF UK

DAF Trucker Tracks: Spotify playlists for each driver

For the best music on the road, DAF is launching nine playlists on Spotify that have been compiled by and for our drivers: the DAF Trucker Tracks. Drivers can add to the list by filling in his or her favourite track(s) on the special DAF Trucker Tracks website.

DAF Trucker Tracks: Spotify playlists for each driver

A journey without music is like a truck without wheels. Music sets the mood and is also a personal statement: this is who I am.

The DAF Trucker Tracks reveal a wide variety in musical tastes. Roel Koppers, Social Media Specialist at DAF Trucks: “We get a lot of rock, country and pop songs and have split those genres up into separate lists like classics, hardstyle, dance and Christmas songs.”

Anything else that has caught Koppers’ attention? “I’ve encountered a whole new world full of German Schlager music, Portuguese fados, Irish pub songs, Australian rock, Italian rap and French chansons. And today someone sent me a track by the Mediaeval Baebes. Strange but terrific too! Most of the songs are well known, however. Dire Straits, AC/DC, U2, Volbeat, Metallica, Tony Justice and Armin van Buuren are obviously very popular with truck drivers.”

To register a song on DAF Trucker Tracks, go to www.daf.com/truckertracks. The list is updated on a regular basis.