DAF Remains Open for Business – Parts & Service Support is Priority for our Customers

As such unprecedented events unfold, I wanted to write to our customers to provide reassurance that whilst the coronavirus outbreak is having an impact on the way we do business, DAF and the DAF Dealer Network has plans and a structure in place to continue delivering support to our customers. DAF is committed to providing employees with safe work environments, so that our people can continue to deliver an exceptional level of supply, service and support to you and all our customers.

To this end and in line with UK Government advice, we have already implemented wide-ranging measures including, but not limited to, the following:

DAF Dealer Support

We are in contact with our dealers on a daily basis so we can monitor staff attendance and service capability. At present all dealers are working at, or very close to, normal levels, providing servicing including inspections, repairs and parts for DAF and other makes of vehicles through DAF and TRP shops.

New vehicles are currently being registered and delivered to customers as planned. However a shortage of inspectors means the DVSA has suspended Vehicle Approval Tests for up to 3 months due to coronavirus - but tests are available for vehicles that are critical to the COVID-19 response, such as vehicles included in freight transport. Eligible vehicles include:

  • light goods vehicles weighing no more than 3.5 tonnes when loaded
  • vehicles designed and built to carry goods, weighing over 3.5 tonnes when loaded
  • trailers weighing over 3.5 tonnes when loaded

As many manufacturers, including DAF, have suspended production, the supply of new chassis will be interrupted and some customers will inevitably face delays.

Parts Supply to DAF Dealers

We are monitoring the parts supply chain daily to ensure that our parts supply and service levels continue without interruption.  We have taken action to put additional stock in place in our Parts Distribution Centres across Europe, including in Eindhoven and Leyland.  In addition, we have identified and protected critical parts so they are available for every dealer should they be needed.  The daily DAF Parts distribution transport to replenish dealer stock, is currently running without delays.

DAFaid Roadside Assistance

DAFaid continues to provide breakdown assistance for our customers. The DAFaid control centre is fully operational and DAF Dealers across the UK are responding to call-outs. Priority is given to calls relating to roadside breakdowns.

Future Considerations

Whilst service levels for maintenance, breakdown and parts support are currently at, or very close to, our normal high levels, we are preparing for potential disruption due to staff falling ill or having to self-isolate. This may mean prioritisation of support for vehicles required for delivery of essential supplies, such and food and pharmaceutical products.

Social Distancing

Following the latest Government advice, our teams are working from home where possible. We have cancelled all business travel and non-essential face-to-face meetings. Many non-essential events and activities are also being cancelled or rescheduled for later in the year.

The coming weeks are undoubtedly going to put pressure on our customers and I’d like to reassure our customers, of DAF’s commitment to supporting them throughout.


Laurence Drake

Managing Director